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Here’s to a New Year…(School Year)…

Here’s to a New Year…(School Year)…

AsI look into my closet of clothes and shoes and accessories, I find nothing to wear. This is the yearly dilemma I have as I prepare to start another school year.

It wasn’t until 1:54 a.m. on a Sunday morning…just 9 days until I start back to school…that I decided I am going to go an entire school year without buying one new article of clothing. (Anyone who knows me or has a love of shopping KNOWS that this is quite the challenge.) It was this same early morning that I took inventory of my closet and drawers.

Here’s what I found:

44 layering tank tops
56 short sleeved tops
80 long sleeved tops
12 jackets/wraps
47 pairs ofpants
35  Sweaters
8 skirts
13 dresses
15 pairs of jeans
29 capris
30 shorts
4 leggings
10 scarves
28 necklaces
24 bracelets
48 pairs of shoes
…and this only includes clothes that I consider “good.”
clothemeinrobes.com will be my platform for holding me accountable for not shopping.
It will also be a way for me to document and share how I try to mix things up and make better use of my clothing choices. Each day I will post a pic of my outfit(s) to help me (and maybe others) get creative.